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Established in 1996 in the historic Camden district of NSW AUSTRALIA.

The one passion in my life has always centered on horses, my aim then and still is, to breed in miniature, the qualities of the horses of my lifetime. When I see a Miniature Horse I must see a miniaturized Thoroughbred or Arabian, not only should the miniature resemble these breeds but they must also possess exactly the same qualities of their larger equine cousins these being... temperament..correct conformation.. type.. beauty.. grace.. presence.. movement.

That passion that began a lifetime ago has culminated into one equine breed.

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The Miniature Horse

From my first pony I learnt about trust and love of things equine.

From the Thoroughbred I learnt intelligence, heart, stying power and type.

From the Arabian breed I learnt about presence, flamboyance and beauty.

From the Quarter Horse I learnt about sense, underreaction, trainability and temperament.

From the Warmblood I learnt about athleticism, grace and movement.

I am breeding all these qualities in the Miniature Horse.

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We are proud members of the Associations listed below:

  • The Miniature Horse Association of Australia Inc - MHAA (AUST))
  • American Miniature Horse Association - AMHA (USA)
  • International Champagne Horse Registry (USA)
  • Independent Miniature Horse Registry Inc. -IMHR (AUST)

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